Posted by: zyxo | December 30, 2007

Enterprise 2.0 and corporate decision making

According to the cynefin framework of Dave Snowden there exist 4 quadrants in in decision making : The known (=simple), the knowable(=complicated), the chaos(can’t do anything with it) and the emergent (complex).

Management loves the known and knowable, because it is there where they can “manage”, or in other words : say what and how others have to do their work.

However, with interprise 2.0, we are somewhat entering the emergent quadrant, where blogs, social networking, wiki’s etc. are a fertile soil for emergent patterns : alternative ways of doing things, of coworking, of forming project groups, of looking for help, of forming opinions, of directing towards decisions …

This means : managers will no longer have to decide what and how but they rather will have to create a good enterprise 2.0 environment to optimise this pattern emerging and to provide with the necessary means to capture the new patters and transform them somehow into the knowable/known direction.

Are they ready for such a paradigm shift ? Or do we have to wait until they all are retired and replaced by youngsters who have grown up in web 2.0 ?

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