Posted by: zyxo | December 30, 2007

Is Swarm Intelligence applicable to People ?

Interesting post from Ryan Hollingsworth as guest blogger for LeRon Shults about swarm intelligence.
At the end he poses the above question : can people develop a swarm intelligence ? My answer is simple : NO !
In nature you have species who developed almost no intelligence whatsoever, like plants, amoebae, worms, muscles etc.
Other species developed a swarm intelligence, like ants, bees and termites.
And at last there are a whole lot of species with a non-neglectable intelligence like all mammals of which we think of ourselves as being the summit.
In order for humans to develop a swarm intelligence we should first lose our personal intelligence !
Remember, as I said in a previous post a swarm intelligence is far more intelligent than its constituents !
So, even if we developed a “human swarm intelligence” we would be too stupid to understand it, probably we would’t even notice it. Hence : who says it is’nt already there ?


  1. Dear Zyxo,

    I put a response to your post here: .

    Best regards,

  2. Simon,
    Indeed, in a later post on ‘do stock traders show swarm intelligence ‘ and as reaction on comments of masteroftheuniverse I somewhat ‘softened’ my point of view.

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