Posted by: zyxo | December 30, 2007

ROI of enterprise 2.0

Interesting question and dito answers in Linkedin : What is the Return on Investment of enterprise 2.0 ?
A lot of people say that ROI is something of enterprise 1.0 en should therefore not been used. Silly of course, you still have to make money somehow !
Others clearly state that enterprise 2.0 is a box of tools that can help in your project or whatever you do and therefore you should be able to see an increase in ROI of your project.
And at last Sebastien Wiertz hits the bullseye by saying that E2.0 is not only the toolbox but also a change in behaviour (culture ?) of the company. “you need to create a real relationship between the user of a team before being able to get them in a virtual Environment

I think not every enterprise is ready for this. Perhaps you can begin with a department where a lot of the web 2.0 generation is working, where a lot of them (as I do) already think : if we only had those tools on the workspace! When that becomes a success story, time may be right to spread the word and the technology to the rest of the company.


  1. Virtual teams likely work better if they know each other “in the real world” as well, but I don’t think it’s required. But the culture aspect is key – people as individuals, and the large or small teams that they are on, need to have (and expect) a willingness to participate, edit, share, collaborate, etc., or Enterprise 2.0 isn’t going to go anywhere.

    We talked quite a bit about the importance of culture and the ties of ripe culture from “Knowledge Management-inclined” survey respondents in our Market IQ on Enterprise 2.0 – free download at – and I continue the discussions at my blog, BizTechTalk as well.

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