Posted by: zyxo | December 30, 2007

What the heck is Mixotricha ?

Simply put, Mixotricha paradoxa is a complex thing, living in the intestines of termites It consists of one central cell, at the surface of which are other eleongated cells (of another species ?) who serve as flagellae that move Mixotricha around. The energy for each flagella comes from another cell (ot another species ?) underneath the flagella. In the interior of Mixotricha are yet other symbiotic cells (of another species ?) that perform other services for Mixotricha. (look here for a more scientific description).
And if you know that the colony of termites where Mixotricha lives in symbiosis posesses itself a sort of distributed intelligence, capable of building termite heaps with nearly constant temperature in the inside, thanks to a sophisticated air-conditioning system in their basement and that this intelligence is the result of thousends of non-intelligent agents (termites) communicating with feromones you can easily see the parallel between this and our ever complexer world.
Some people are already working on General Artificial Intelligence systems or think that our www will become itself a superintellingence. Check for example

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