Posted by: zyxo | January 2, 2008

Web2.0 and the lack of process

Andrew Gent states that web 2.0 lacks “process”.
Is that so ? I think web 2.0 has enough processes.
He compares a wiki with an e-mail tool. an instant messenger, a web site. The differences he points out, are truly there. so far he’s right. But the difference is not that web 2.0 does not possess processes. The processes are different. For example In stead of sending a message, in web 2.0 we broadcast a message to whomever wants to listen or read. In web 2.0 we still publish our opinion, only the process is much more simple : there is no censoring going on.
But are these differences not exactly what Web 2.0 gives his identity ? Without these differences nobody would have called it “Web 2.0 ” !
Exactly this lack of hierarchy, these possibilities of anarchy (creativity is perhaps a better word?) make it web 2.0 and gives it all this new possibilities.
In a previous post I wrote about the difficulties management of an enterprise can have to adopt an Enterprise 2.0 culture.
I think again the pendulum of new technologies is swinging out a bit too far to be directly usable in an enterprise environment. And there I agree with Andrew that enterprises will have to find a good in-between between the old intranet, e-mail etc. on the one hand and the anarchical web 2.0 on the other hand.

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