Posted by: zyxo | January 6, 2008

Psychons : Elementary particles of the mind ?

A lot of years ago, a collegue of mine and I were brainstorming for fun about mindreading and that sort of stuff and came to the concept of psychons : elementary particles of thought which can move from one mind to another.

Years later, I had not seen this colleague for years, we came in contact again and I remembered the psychons. But the difference now was : there was the internet. So I searched for “psychons”…..

Great was my astonisment when I discovered that at about the same time of our joking about psychons, there was a former nobel prize winner who published a similar idea in a respected scientific journal and in a book (here the Book review by Joseph Uphoff). Although he did not speak about telepathy or so, for him the psychons were the parts of the brain were the ‘self’ was situated. A lot of people criticised this idea (perform a google search on “psychons brain eccles” and you will see) for being religious oriented : mind-body dualism.
I will not dig further in the matter, only, at the time we considered psychons as a joke and my opinion on this did never change, not even for a nobel prize winner 🙂

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  1. I can’t believe it ! I continued to ponder about “genes” of mind and how it gets passed on through generations, how it manifests at times and how it lies dormant, to apply the concept to literary theory for my research work, how I came up with a personal lexicon “psychene”- a portmanteau of psychic gene-scribbled it in my diary-
    and when I googled it now…it exists! The word exists, and that too in the same meaning !

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