Posted by: zyxo | January 18, 2008

What comes first ?

These two items are to happen in this very century :

  1. The north pole is dissapearing. When will we have a summer with no north pole any more? Some say as early as 2040.
  2. A human-level artificial intelligence is on it’s way. Ben Goerzel on believes it will take mankind only 10 years to create an artificial intelligence that maches a human brain. But Ray Kurzweil himself thinks it will take twice that time.

Anyway : it is for sure that there are interesting times coming up but also that humans are radically changing the world.
As for the global warming and dissapearing of the north pole : if the ice of Greenland continues melting soon or later the gulf stream will stop (not everyone agrees on this) and cause a  drop in temperature in northwestern Europe. Yes, global warming will cause a temperature drop !
And the human artificial intelligence will help humans create a superhuman artificial intelligence that will continuously improve itself : it wil become a singularity.
What this will do to us ? no one knows ! As long as we can pull the plug and shut it down we could keep feeling pretty safe, but will we pull all plugs ??
At those times I will be an old man if I am lucky to live long enough, and whatever comes, so what. But what about my children and their children ? Pretty scary, no ?

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