Posted by: zyxo | January 24, 2008

Knowledge management or information management ?

In an article called the nonsense of knowledge management  T.D. Wilson argues that about everyone uses the word “knowledge” in stead of “information”. Vendors did a “change all” in their manuals and called their software “knowledge management software”, but otherwise changed nothing. Try it. Take whatever text on knowledge management, do the great “change all” (replace “knowledge” by “information”) and see for yourself. Nothing happens.
I especially love his definition of knowledge : information between the ears.
In other words : information someone knows.
So forget about knowledge management and let us go back to do some proper information management in order to enhance the quality and quantity of knowledge in our enterprise.


  1. I understand your point and agree with most of it. Most stuff that’s called KM is IM. And good KM starts with good IM. I therefore wouldn’t say: stop with KM. KM is very important, but has more to do with managing people than with technology.

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