Posted by: zyxo | January 29, 2008

Aspects of knowledge management : information creation

Previous posts dealt with learning and sharing, the two knowledge-related parts of knowledge management. The rest of knowledge management deals with information.

In my post about sharing I wrote about information creation when people share their knowledge.

There is yet anoter means of information creation : the automated one. I agree, computers do not do anything without humans telling them to (programming and the like), but still, the automated processes are capable of creating new information ready for humans to learn it and thus turn it into knowledge.

Those automated processes are

  • data extraction/reporting : without these processes, databases would be useless as information sources for mankind. Hereby I for convenience I do not consider browsing (a database or text document) as reporting, but rather the computing-intense summarization, calculation of simple statistics, drawing graphs etc.
  • data mining : looks for patters in existing data collections. To get a good idea of what it is, check KDnuggets
  • text mining, sometimes labeled as mining of unstructured data (vs.datamining is mining of structured data). In reality it is composed of two steps : i) turning the unstructured data into structured data and ii) mining the structured data

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