Posted by: zyxo | January 30, 2008

Information = Gold ?

So you do not give it away just like that.

A few days ago Steven Burda asked a question on linkedin whether you should or should not withold any knowledge. Can you get an advantage from the fact that you do not share every work-related info with you colleagues ?

This question was followed by a whole lot of answers, ranging from ‘off course’ to ‘no way’, but the majority were in favor of keeping the most valuable knowledge nuggets for themselves. Which means that like in all biological systems there is no such thing as real altruism. We only give to be given.

Somewhere I read : “only fools are honest enough to tell the whole truth”.

But on the other hand, also purely egoïstic some people argued you shoud give away information to get new information in return: the win-win situation, which is very nicely illustraded by following finnish riddle by
Marko Peltojoki: What is the only thing which increases when divided/shared?
– Knowledge
Much depends on who you are working with, on the culture of your organisation.
Anyway, the question received 97 answers clearly showing that people recognise themselves in this (wanting to) withold information.
As I said : real altruism does not exist. Richard – the selfish gene – Dawkins already knew.


  1. Thanks for the post!

    The original question can be viewed here:

    Or short URL:

    Have a great weekend,
    – Steven Burda

  2. You seem very knowledgable and I am very new to all of this blogging. It would be useful to get some feedback from you!

  3. Thinking Souljah : feedback on what ? the link to your blog does not work.

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