Posted by: zyxo | February 3, 2008

knowledge management models

I stumbled upon an article, describing some KM-models. Frankly I do not think this means a lot for people who want to do something about the knowledge in their enterprise. (Here I was at first going to write “to implement knowledge management”, but this seems way to abstract, and I assume in every enterprise there is already some sort of knowledge management, but not necessarily with that name).

What I am missing in that article is about the knowledge itself. The categories are not concrete enough. Yes, you find the distinction between tacit and explicit knowledge, but can somebody exactly explain when the first ends and the second begins ?

It seems to me like there is nowhere a description as where to put which information. What information should you put in an intranet ? What information should be shared in a classroom ? What information should be kept in documents ? What information should you put in a wiki ? etc…

here the article

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