Posted by: zyxo | February 17, 2008

Aspects of knowledge management : Management

What is the role of management in knowledge management ? Some aspects of it are given in short by Lucas Mcdonnel : “to foster an environment that allows for creative and collaborative sharing
I would put it a bit stronger : not only providing the environment, but also stimulate a good and productive usage of this environment.
Knowledge management is like a never ending project (which is a contradictio in terminis !). The goals have to be defined, the ways to reach those goals have to be set out and the measurements (Key Performance Indicators) that allow to decide if the goals have been reached have te be put in place.
It is evident that the ultimate goal is to be more productive : sell more. But apparently it is extremely difficult to know or determine which knowledge management item is responsable (or is not) for which increase in products sold.
So why not analyse it properly before with tools like cause-and-effect diagrams (or a lot of other diagram types ) in order to understand which intermediate goals has first to be reached.
And of course for each goal a concrete measurement is necessary, otherwise how could you know where you are ?
Good candidate things to measure are activities, knowledge assets, organizational processes and business benefits (from “Measuring Knowledge Management Projects:Fitting the Mosaic Pieces Together, Alton Y.K. Chua and Dion Goh).

So it’s clear : implementing knowledge management is something more than buying a software.
Knowledge management is like any management process. I always compare it to driving a car : allways keep you eyes open to see where you are (measurements!) and use steering wheel, brakes and accelerator when necessary (act in response to the measurement), and of course, you want to know where you are heading …

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