Posted by: zyxo | February 24, 2008

Humans 2.0 ?

Two days ago I saw an interesting documentary on TV about the current and future possibilities of robots. Apart from ASIMO (video on youtube , the Honda site ) and its alikes, they documented also on an operation where they planted electrodes in someone’s head to cure depression (see Dailymail) and apparently it is also possible to increase the intelligence of a rat by 75% just by adding a chip into its brain.

So we are on our way to extend our brain capabilities by adding computer power.

Ray Kurzweil stated that within 20 years or so about everyone will walk around with computer stuff wired into their heads and within 40 years our natural brainpower will only be a fraction of our total brainpower.

If I think a bit further on this it is clear that with all that comes also all the peripheral computer equipment : they will plug in some bluetooth communication devices so that we can communicate to our friends directly with our thoughts. So at last telepathy really will exist, and not only telepathy but also access to internet will be possible, database queries, cellphone-like connections via the 5th of 6th generation broadband network etc… We will be able to show our deepest thoughts on a screen to people who are not wired.

No need of PC’s any more as we know them. The cpu will be in our head (of course a 100 times more powerful than our natural intelligence). Perhaps only a screen for visualization and loudspeakers ? No ! your PC uses a screen and loudspeakers to communicate with the user. In the future the communication will be directly with our brain, no need for eyes or ears.

This also means that blind people will be able to see thanks to something like a miniaturized webcam. Deaf people will hear etc.

On the other side it will be a dream for marketing to put personalized adds directly into peoples heads.

Hopefully they also will implement a virtual switch to shut the communication down, otherwise the whole night we would wake up by alerts from new mail, rss feeds, ads or chat programs .

Perhaps total new patterns of cooperation will see the light ? And at the end, will there really emerge something like a human swarm intelligence ?

This reminds me of the story by Fredric Brown. At last there may be a God, but not the way he saw it.

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  1. Or we’ll end up as Borg!
    Coming from our world, probably ”commercial” version of borg.

    • Maybe Ferengi-Borg ….

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