Posted by: zyxo | February 26, 2008

Aspects of knowledge management : information types

The Cynefyn framework of Dave Snowden is meant as a decision taking framework, but I guess we can use it to structure our information to find our ways in knowledge management.
Where to put/find which information ?
Cynefin sees five domains :
1. simple (= known information). This is all that is for sure, not to be questioned. Like enterprise rules, HRM regulations, etc.
==> Should be put on the intranet, for anyone to find what to do or to find the rules to behave normally in the enterprise.
2. Complicated (= knowable info). Information that is not that clear, questionable but after looking and comparing and thinking about it you should nevertheless find what you are looking for.
==> could be on the intranet, but a lot could find its place in blogs, wiki’s and other enterprise 2.0 tools.
3. Complex (= never clear or explainable). Information you only afterwards know if it was the right choice. You cannot come closer than a good –experienced– guess.
==> typical in blogs, discussion groups, where at least you know it is not clear and different people have different views.
4. Chaotic (= impossible to know). You will nowhere find the information. Just take your best shot to do something about the situation without knowing what the result may be. At least after the facts you will probably have learnt something.
==> put it in a blog or discussion group, it may become “complex” or even “simple”.
5. Disorder (none of the above). Extremely simply stated : you may choose one of the above and act likewise.

I know this does not help a lot, but it may be a first aid to do some structuring in all the information.

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