Posted by: zyxo | February 27, 2008

Knowledge management : the collaborative contract

Knowledge management is about a lot of things :

  • information
  • learning
  • technology
  • sharing
  • management

Earlier I wrote about sharing but also about the problems people have because they do not want to give away their information for free (see “information=gold ?”)
About this last problem, Olivier Zara proposes a collaborative contract : a written agreement between the manager and the employee, that “supports intellectual cooperation by making it tangible“.
It is clear for him that knowledge management will not succeed without a culture change. This can be achieved by simultaneously start with three aspects of knowledge management :

  1. provide the means to cooperate : intranet, web 2.0 and whatever is needed technically
  2. change the “mental framework” by learning, reading, training about knowledge management and cooperation (collective intelligence management techniques)
  3. announce, present, co-construct and finnaly sign the collaborative contract

The first of the three is the simplest, the last the hardest and will take the most time.

It is all written in his book Collective intelligence management , which I just began to read and seems very promising.

I suppose more of it will follow in my blog.

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