Posted by: zyxo | March 3, 2008

Giving up work e-mail

Luiz Suares at IBM has been busy trying to avoid e-mail at work and replacing it with the social softwares. Apparently after three weeks it has already been a success. I quote :”instead of me going ahead and replying to each and everyone of them, I don’t. I go out there into IBM’s various social computing spaces and provide the answers over there to them“, but read more about it in his post.

Olivier Zara in his book Collective intelligence management goes the same direction but not so far as to want to get rid of e-mail completely. He wants to limit e-mails to information “that can be erased once it has been read.” Meaning that everything that has to be kept should be shared otherwise, in “a virtual information and collaboration marketplace” (discussion forums, communities of practice, e-coaching). This is an environment where each person decides on his own push and pull : what do you want to search for yourself, what do you want to be delivered automatically, what do you want to share …

I go on reading is this amazing book.

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