Posted by: zyxo | March 5, 2008

The ten most important failure factors of KM

“Exploring Failure-Factors Of Implementing Knowledge Management Systems In Organizations” by Peyman Akhavan , Mostafa Jafari, Mohammad Fathian, Iran University of Science and Technology In the journal of knowledge management Practice contains this interesting list of the ten most important failure factors of knowledge management system implementation :

1. Lack of familiarity of top management with dimensions of KM and its requirement

2. Selecting an unsophisticated and inexperienced person for leading KM team

3. Improper selection of knowledge team members

4. Wrong planning and improper forecasting for the project

5. Lack of separate budget for knowledge management project

6. Organizational culture

7. Lack of support and commitment of top management

8. Resistance against the change

9. Inability of KM team for distinguishing organizational relations

10. Nonconformities between current systems and new systems

This list, although every item is reflecting a great deal of reality, is nothing new under the sun: it is exactly the same list that shows the most important failure factors of any IT project ! In fact, if you take a closer look at the list and you omit the words “knowledge management” that appear here and there, you end up with a perfectly good list of why projects fail.

Another example of taking old wine, pouring it in a new sack and selling it as new wine.


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