Posted by: zyxo | March 10, 2008

Wiki on a stick

Untill now I read, think and also write a bit on knowledge management and enterprise 2.0.

The more I read and think about it, the more I miss it in my job. I work in a company where everybody still keeps all information scattered around on word documents, spreadsheets and powerpoint slides. If you know where it is saved, you can find it.

Looking for something like quick wins I found Wiki on a stick , which is described as a personal wiki.
However, I took it to my job and saved it on our fileserver. Although not perfect, it is fairly easy to use and I even think it might be useful for a small team. It requires no software (it is one single totally self-adapting javascript/html file) and all you need is a browser (it works fine with mozilla firefox at home and MS internet explorer at the office).
So no administrator access needed and anybody can use it. No expensive knowledge management team required. You just copy a “blank” wiki on a stick to a place where your teammembers have access and you have a team wiki up and running and within the firewall of your company. The beauty of it is that you can go on the way you were. Just type in short descriptions and overviews on your wiki and link them to the oldfashion documents and folders. The first advantage is : you do not have to search anymore. The second : while you commit yourself to keep your wiki up to date, you allways have a good view of what’s going on in your team or your projects.
This is a really quick win, and a cheap one !


  1. I have used WOAS for my own personal use and like its simplicity. Do you mean that more than one person can write to the file at the same time (in other words, is it multi-user)?

  2. Scott,
    no I do not think that it is multi-user. And effectively that is a drawback to use it as a groupware. But if you work in a small team, sitting close to eachother it should be possible, especially if you do not update it all the time.
    Woas offers the possibility to lock pages, so that others cannot edit them. I do not know if there is also an ‘unlock’ possibility (I will test this out tomorrow). In that case you could manually lock and unlock the pages for the time you are updating them. In that case it should be usable as groupware, although a bit more cumbersome.

  3. love your blog. always very interesting stuff.

    Have you come across Mark Elliot’s Stigmergic Collaboration?

    I also found this ‘portable’ wiki to be very useful


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