Posted by: zyxo | March 11, 2008

Enterprise 2.0 : Start from below ?

In this presentation, Stephane Cheikh very elegantly tells about his experience in his company to start with web 2.0 tools.
“Its is about changing peoples behaviour”.
“Start small”
Just this second point makes me wonder : How small ? Right now I have started with a personal ‘wiki on a stick’ (smaller is impossible) to organise the information I work with. It is just wonderful how quickly you can organise things and how easy you can find everything back.
I intend after some time to share this experience with my team members (I am not their boss !).
Perhaps after a while we can ‘infect’ another team and another, just by letting them experience the benefits.

Just like Luis Suarez we could stop sending documents by email but in stead send them the link to our wiki-page on the subject.
I wonder if this is going to work.

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