Posted by: zyxo | March 28, 2008

swarm brain?

Children learn by first acting and and learning from the result. At Linköping University in Sweden they train robots the same way, using fuzzy logic and stuff.

This makes me think of ants foraging for food. They just wander around until they find something and then return to their nest leaving a pheromone trail, so their fellow ants can find the food source. As brain cells are connected and ‘fire’ to one another, perhaps in the learning phase these firings lay some sort of brain-pheromone-like trail between the good action and the desired result, so the next time, with a similar problem the brain follows this trail from the result to the good action, thus doing the proper firings which cause the right muscle actions ?

I suppose it is not that simple, but the big pictures match, don’t they ?

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