Posted by: zyxo | April 2, 2008

End of aggregation, or is it the beginning?

A graphical representation of the expansion of the universe with the inflationary epoch represented as the dramatic expansion of the metric seen on the left. Image from WMAP press release, 2006. (Detail)Image from Wikipedia In a previous post about emergence I wrote that with mondialisation there are not enough societies any more to form patterns at a higher level. Hence the end of emergence.

In this post I highlight another ending : the end of aggregation.

In histories clans formed and got extinct, larger civilisations formed and got extinct. What if there is only one civilisation left ? One unique mondial civilisation. Soon or later it may end.

Idem for startup companies that grow, merge, at the end become the only one in the world (like in some SF stories). If it gets bankrupt, there is nothing left …

If we overlay the same picture on elementary particles forming atoms, molecules, rocks, planets, galaxies, black holes : eventually the last big black hole may swallow the last galaxy. Result : nothing left exept perhaps a new big bang ?

Evolution is a weird something. It goes the opposite way of entropy. Do they keep one another in balance ?

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