Posted by: zyxo | April 5, 2008

control the galaxy

It is probably not going to happen in my lifetime, but people are already figuring out some ways to expand our intelligence in the entire galaxy. Sentientdevelopments
has made a list of se7en ways to accomplish this.
I suppose the time or the way of space travel wil be deadly for ordinary human beings. But what about copying the information content of the brain in a sophisticated artificial brain, so you can explore the distant stars and planets as a robot, with far more capacities than a flesh and blood creature.
And no danger, because the original (and several copies) are still here on earth and of cause also at a distant backup planet.
Only one problem, similar to outlook and palm pilot : syncronisation of all these brains. I suppose that will easily be done via a wireless intergalactic network of some sorts.
Let’s dream on.
I hope someone will backup my brain before I die …


  1. von Neumann machines? Are you serious? That’s really a dangerous way to explore & colonize the galaxy, because what if they find something interesting but don’t recognize that it is interesting and just consume it to make more copies of themselves!? You have to have a REALLY careful implementation of the replication program to make sure they don’t do something like that…

  2. chtenos,
    No, I am not serious. I just found it interesting ideas. To look at the menu does not mean that you are going to eat it ! I just wonder what is really going to happen once we have the capacity to do these things.

  3. Good point 🙂

    I really like that short story by Brin which is mentioned in the comments on that page

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