Posted by: zyxo | April 16, 2008

Spices, Makeup and Knowledge management

Have you ever been eating a good meal ? I mean, a really good meal, from a top chef? I bet you could not tell what was in it. Oh yes, perhaps you knew it was lobster, but which spices did he use ?

My point is that spices should be used to make your meal better, not to be tasted. Sounds contradictory? If you are tasting spices, what about the delicious duck? did you forget about it ? Or did the spices ruin it ?

The same thing goes for a beautiful woman (or man, if you like). If you see nothing but makeup, I suppose she had a lot to hide. You should not see the makeup, you should only see a more beautiful woman.

And yes, the same thing, as far as I concerned, goes for knowledge management. You should not see it or hear it (except if you are responsible for it). Everybody should not been shouting : “knowledge management, let’s do knowledge management”. No, it should be there unnoticed, or if you do notice it, it should be a change that makes your job a lot more easy. It is supposed to help, not to give you more work making your job tougher !

It is like I wrote in one of my earlier posts : KM should be a windmill, turning without human effort and helping us doing our job. Not a threadmill for which you have to hire someone to keep it going.

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