Posted by: zyxo | April 23, 2008

Is phalanx swarm intelligence ?

One simple answer : NO !

I saw a lot of posts today about Phalanx, a system to counter DDos attacks. (article on New Scientist). They all shouted something like “swarm intelligence in action!”.
“Swarm”, yes, but “swarm intelligence”, no.
All the intelligence comes from the system designers. The only intelligence in the swarm is the fact that the computers in the swarm are picked randomly to pass their information to the server.

The fact that they shield the server from overloads of information has nothing to do with swarm intelligence but with al massive force of dead load, a sort of concrete wall with a door in it and a doorkeeper letting through one bit of information at a time.

When did I wrote : “through ant glasses, everything looks like a swarm” ? There I quoted a long list of things you supposedly can do with swarm intelligence. Apparently I have to add an item : use a massive swarm as a dead obstacle.

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