Posted by: zyxo | May 6, 2008

Doing what? with FRACTALS

The whole Mandelbrot setImage via Wikipedia

Several years ago, when I did some work in sofware complexity and size and workload estimations I knew that you could use fractals as a complexity measure (see the work of Vili Podgorelec, Peter Kokol and Milan Zorman .)

Besides that I know that Mandelbrot did and does some work on fractals and the stock market and look also at Elliott Fractals for a commercial application.

Now I see that fractals are used in data mining as well. Krishna Kumaraswamy showed that “the fractal dimension can be used as an indicator tor the amount of information hidden in tha data”. For more details see the article

Of course fractals are best known for the beautiful artwork they deliver. See for example Fractalism dot com.

And you can even bake fractal cookies (edible !), see the related article.

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  1. I have been through Kumaraswamy’s paper on the same and have actually been thinking about writing on it for some time now. One reason i did not really write other than the want of time was that i have not been an expert in Data Mining by any standards. So i had been reading more. I hope to write in some time.

    However i have used fractals in designing a speech recognizer. I used the same in part of end point detection. and that algorithm was very cool. Fractals in general as you point out are very cool!

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