Posted by: zyxo | May 9, 2008

Wiki on a stick (2)

It is now several weeks since I began using Wiki on a stick at my workplace. It is very easy to use and since I use a lot of links to existing documents and fileserver directories, it grows but slowly and remains very small (about 300K).
Since our enterprise still does not use any social software it is the only 2.0 software I have at work. Which of course is a contradictio in terminis because a personal wiki is per definition not “social”.

Next week I will take it a step further : I will demonstrate it to my collegue and try to get her use it also. Either her own wiki or, and better, the same one. OK, it is not multy-user, but since we have our desks in front of eachother it cannot be to hard to get one personal wiki working for both of us.

to be continued …

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