Posted by: zyxo | May 18, 2008

why do men …? Why do women…?

Here is a new category I want to post on. Something that has to do with day to day things of life which have an underlying reason you never find in books or on internet texts. What is the driving force behind the things men and women do, why do they behave differently etc. Here some examples of questions I want to write about :

What is the biggest difference between men and women ?
why do men cheat ?
why do women cheat ?
why do men have a midlife crisis ?
why do women care for their gandchildren ?
which one is the stronger gender ?
Who does she love most : husband or children ?
How do women select their mate ?
Are men and women different species ?
and more …

The fact is that I find a lot of explications, but I have my own, completely different, but so fundamental that it explains a lot. I know there will be a lot to argue over, but a healthy discussion is what I like.

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