Posted by: zyxo | May 20, 2008

Are men and women different?

Nursing traditionally attracts more women than menImage via WikipediaTo me it is pretty clear that men and women are indeed different. Do not take this the wrong way : I say nothing about value. Different does not mean that one gender is worth more than the other. Just that there are differences :

  • physical differences : this is obvious, since millions of xxx websites earn money based on this difference. Females are different from males . . . especially every twenty-eight days. Women are built to give birth to children and feed them, men are on the average stronger to do … what ?
  • psychological differences (= behavioral differences). This is less obvious. In all the fuss about equality of genders some say that there are no behavioral differences. Well, although the statistical mean may be very different, I suppose there is a large overlap between man and women in their behavior. Some women are simply stronger than some man and more fit to do heavy work, whereas some man are more talented in raising children than some women. So I’d say, let every person do what he or she does best or wants to do. But still, I am convinced that on the average there really are differences in behaviour between the two genders.
    It is said that men come from Mars and women from Venus, meaning that men tend to sit back and think to solve problems, while women have to talk about it. If you never read the book : do so, it explains a lot about marriage problems and how to handle your partner to come to a better understanding.
  • brain differences : New neuro-scanning techniques have shown that men and women actually use different parts of the brain when we process information and think about things (the article)

But the one single most important difference I want to write about in my posts is the difference in procreative strategy. On the internet it is hard to find any information whatsoever on this topic. The only I found is the post of Daniel Pouzzner which gives a lot of information on the gender difference. However the difference I mean is not as such in his text.
Here it is : Given the fact that a women can have at most about 30 (thirty) children in her lifetime, a man can do a lot better. Mathematically a healty man, starting at his fifteenth birthday can easily fertilize a few women every week. If he keeps this up till he’s 65 years old, he could have 52 weeks times 50 years times 2 women = 5200 children. If we compare this to the 30 children of a woman it is logical that men’s reproductive strategy can be very different from women’s.
The result of these different reproductive strategies is : different behaviour, and consequently : problems in marriages.
In subsequent posts I plan to discuss some of these topics.

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  1. I don’t know any man whose goal is to impregnate as many women as possible starting at age 15 in the hopes of having 5200 children.

    Humans have brains that allow us to make rational choices apart from “Must breed. Need more offspring. Hulk mad.”

    Most men I know want to have two or three children. Some want one. I want none (and am a man, though not by your definition).

    Contrary to evolutionary biological politics, human beings have evolved beyond being mere neanderthals.

  2. Ubuntucat,
    Perhaps I did not emphasize enough the word “mathematically”.
    Of course I totally agree with you that many other factors determine our behaviour, and yes, whe have and use our highly sophisticated brain.
    But I nevertheless think that this mathematical possibility influences somehow the ‘animal’ part of our brain, and frankly : do you allways use your conscious intelligence for each and every act you commit ?
    Somewhere I read “even intelligent people act only intelligently in 5% of their time”.

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