Posted by: zyxo | May 27, 2008

Watson and … Kriek

375ml bottle of Belle-Vue Kriekbier.Image via WikipediaAfter for males, now the DNA of a female has been deciphered. Marjolein Kriek was chosen, not only because she works in the DNA-field but also because Francis Crick is no longer among us and her name seemed a good phonetic subsitute : in dutch the pronounciation is (almost) exactly the same as Crick.

Because a woman has a large X-chromosome in stead of the man’s small y-chromosome it is more work to sequence a woman.

Perhaps in the future we will not have to clone ourselves, we will just upload our DNA-structure (that we received yesterday as an e-mail attachment from the hospital after a routine visit) to a web-based enterprise and they will send us a reminder when we can come to collect our clone … ?

By the way, I learnt that “Kriek” is also a famous type of belgian beer …

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  2. […] Watson and … Kriek [via Zemanta] […]

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