Posted by: zyxo | June 30, 2008

top-10 lists on evolution

Geographical isolation of finches on the Galápagos Islands produced over a dozen new species.Image via WikipediaSince I am in a top-10 list mood, here is a list of top-10 lists on evolution :

Top 10 Useless Limbs (and Other Vestigial Organs)

myths about evolution

Scientific Facts Proving Charles Darwin’s
Theory of Evolution is Wrong, False and Impossible

Why Anti-Evolutionists are WRONG

Reasons Evolution is Wrong

lifes greatest inventions

Reasons To Accept Evolution And Other Godless Scientific Findings

As I have a more or less scientific background, I fear this list has become more something about the religion-evolution debate.
I never say someone else is wrong. I just am allways convinced I am richt, till someone can change my mind. I also give them the opportunity. But be sure it is not easy to do it, unless you have straight scientific proof or at least a sound argumentation !
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  1. Check out my thoughts on evolution and apes!

  2. Deedeememe,
    Cute idea : using your feet as an extra pair of hands…
    As a matter of facts, some people do this already, because they do not have any hands.
    Also in Judo and wrestling the fighters use their feet as well as their hands to throw or hold the opponent.
    So we are not that different from the –other– apes 🙂

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