Posted by: zyxo | July 1, 2008

The limit of power

Model of Angkor Wat in Thai PalaceImage via WikipediaCommunities that grow larger and larger have chiefs with more and more power.
Is this a good thing ?
Yes and no.
Yes : The bigger the community the more time and resources it has to do things small communities cannot. Example from 10,000 years ago : agriculture, war, book-keeping … So these big communities absorb the smaller ones and grow bigger.
No : a community can suffer from its own size. Example : Angkor Vat, a city so big that the logistics of that time were not sufficient enough to provide food for the thousends of inhabitants. Result : hunger, sickness, dead of the city. Other example : The chinese empire, once the leading scientific community that grew so big and still had only one king so that there was no room any more for diversity. Result : status quo and Europe with dozens of little states and a lot of diversity took over.

And where are we now ? Power of one growing economic network. If one stock market goes down all the rest follows. Where is the diversity ? gone ! Perhaps a little pessimistic, but status quo, disaster etc. are already looking around the corner.

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