Posted by: zyxo | August 10, 2008

Knowledge management and jargon lazyness

Brackets. Done in Inkscape by Fibonacci, simpl...Image via WikipediaNothing so annoying as reading a report full of three- and four letter abbreviations, half of wich you do not understand.
I make the habit of sending an email to the writer to ask for the translations. Why do they not follow the simple rule of writing the expression in full the first time, followed by the abbreviation in brackets ?

The same with jargon. I suppose some people think : why make it easy when we can use difficult or fancy words ?
So I fully agree with this post of Scott Berkun : Why Jargon Feeds on Lazy Minds
I quote : “… all you need to remember is this: never use a fancy word when a simple one will do. If your idea is good, no hype is necessary. Explain it clearly and people will get it, if there truly is something notable to get. If your idea is bad: keep working before you share it with others. And if you don’t have time for that, you might as well be honest. Because when you throw jargon around, most of us know you’re probably lying about something anyway….”

If knowledge management means among others smoothly transferring information, then we must remove anything that makes it more difficult to understand. You know, communication is not about sending information, but getting that message received and understood !

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