Posted by: zyxo | August 21, 2008

10 steps to create a wiki at work

I found these 10 steps in HR in practice: Wiki while you work

Guide to creating a wiki at work in 10 steps

1 Involve employees at the development stage and get their buy-in for the new wiki.

2 Encourage employees to use the wiki to share social as well as corporate information during the working day. Often the social use can drive the corporate use.

3 Make sure your wiki can be expanded and added to over time – it should scale up and evolve with your business.

4 Encourage your employees to create their own profiles for the wiki – containing both professional and light-hearted personal information. Maintain an element of fun.

5 Content for the wiki should embrace and reflect the culture of your organisation and be represented by the ‘tone’ used in the subject matter.

6 Draw your employees into using the wiki by posting daily information that’s unique.

7 Posting company memos onto the wiki will also encourage employees to log into it daily and drive use.

8 Keep training to a minimum to encourage innovation and self-development.

9 Promote the integration of different offices over multiple sites – both professionally and socially.

10 Create a culture of knowledge exchange.

I find these steps great when you want the wiki only to be a information storage. But a wiki can and should be more. A wiki should be a means of collaboration.

So I’ll add following points :

11 (as adults allways remain children and want to follow good examples) : the boss must give the example and have his own personal page (up to date) in the wiki. Better : he should post on his blog at least twice a week.

12 Start with a simple process but do it “wiki only”. Example: agenda of the weekly department management meeting visible for everyone plus minutes of the meeting afterwards (or even better : during the meeting!)

13 Give a training “how to avoid e-mail”

I’m sure there is a lot more. But enough for now.

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