Posted by: zyxo | August 31, 2008

List of Knowledge-management lists : V2

List of KM-list : version 2 = version 1 with 9 additions

Lucas Mcdonnel 26
Lucas Mcdonnel 50
Knowledge management resource center
Intangibles/KM web sites
Gurteen knowledge web site
Decision support systems (part of the list is on KM
Unspun Best KM websites
Association of collega and research libraries
EPSS Central
KM and organizational learning resources
Birmingham City University
SLA Toronto chapter
Manitoba quality network
Portals and KM
Maureen Clements
Law and technology resources for legal professions
Luis Suarez
American Library Association
Stan Garfield
248 ways to enhance or share your knowledge
76 ways to build and visualize data
100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management 2008
Open Source Knowledge Management Solutions Written in Java
Knowledge Management Reading List
Open Directory Project : Knowledge management
Prism Legal : Knowledge management resources
KmWiki : a collaborative persistent ‘conversation’ on all matters related to knowledge management
Jack Vinson : More knowledge management blogs
David Skyrme : KM Tools
Bill Ives on Blogbridge : KM blogs which he recommends

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