Posted by: zyxo | September 14, 2008

Why do women cheat ?

No doubt that a lot of women cheat on their partner (I hope mine does not) :

  • some studies suggest that almost 50% of married women have had sex outside of their marriage
  • 34% of moms admitted to having an affair after they had children and another 53% say they have thought seriously about having an affair


I you start to look it up you find the following :

Women Cheat For Emotional Reasons like

  • to fill emotional voids their husbands have left them with
  • Women love romance in their lives and sometimes they do not get that satisfaction with their partner
  • there is no passion enough in their marriage, so they find it elsewhere
  • she wants somebody who makes her feel special, attractive, important …. (especially if she gets older). If their partner does not give her that feeling (giving to much attention to football, cars, blogs :-), work, booz …) she seeks it elsewhere
  • somethimes just for the exitement, the passion.

Those are the major reasons I could find. But what evolutionary meaning does this have ? Exactly none. Those are not real reasons, but merely means whereby her genes make her do this to accomplish the real and only reason that makes evolutionary sense : maximise number and quality of offspring : having more and better children.

As I wrote before, a women choses two man : one to deliver high quality sperm and one to provide security, food, shelter,… for her and her children. As no man will agree with this duality of choice, if she has a partner to provide the security and a living, but she wants a better one for the sperm, the only way she can accomplish this is by … cheating.
But cheating is not only for the sperm. By cheating with another, richer guy, she eventually can get gifts, shelter from that man too, especially, if her own partner is incapable of providing the necessary.

Oh, yes, not only humans cheat. Look for example this study on superb starlings or this one on barn swallows by researchers of Cornell University.

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