Posted by: zyxo | September 21, 2008

Are we in a black hole right now ?

Lensing by a black hole. Animated simulation o...Image via WikipediaThis question I found on yahoo answers, asked by ‘make way for þß’.

I thought I read somewhere that the universe we live is contains so much mass that nothing can escape and thus seen from the outside it is a black hole.

But I admit that the introduction to the question by ‘make way for þß‘ was very intruiging. Here it is.

We absolutely have no idea what life would be inside a black hole. Do we? No. But would you believe me some scientists actually claim we might be living inside a black hole. Pretty weird. Believe me, been there, felt that. Ok. Do you know what space is? Yes. It is a combination of dimensions in which we can freely move. Do you know what time is? Whatever you say, even quantum physics will tell you that you have no chance whatsoever of being correct. Time is nothing more than a restriction to us. We always have to move forward with it and relativity states that with varying speed we can change the speed at which time passes by.
Now imagine a three dimensional black hole (dimensions here are only those we can move freely in) and something falling in it. The object will have a restricted motion in one of the dimensions, that is the line connecting it to the centre of the black hole. No matter what happens, it will always move towards the centre of the black hole and not go the other way. Although by various means it can change the speed with which it is doing so.
Is something suspicious? Yes. This object can move freely in two dimensions but the third dimension is behaving so much like time behaves for us. Motion is restricted along it to only one direction but there are methods to change the speed of the motion.
As weird as it may seem, our universe might actually be falling in a black hole, well inside the event horizon, which separates the black hole from the outside. But this black hole is not like the black holes we hear about in our own universe that are stars that have collapsed due to their own gravity. This is a really massive four dimensional (again dimensions here are only those we can move freely in) black hole. Our universe is moving towards the centre, that is along the direction of time. Therefore the centre of the black hole lies in our future and there is no way of reaching it except waiting for our universe to reach the centre. Also the point in time when the universe was entering the black hole at the event horizon, lies against the direction of time, that is in the past. This actually is suspected to be the big bang.
If this is too weird, then there is more support for the theory. The gravitational constant, speed of light, permittivity and permeability of space, the size of the universe, and the rate of change of the size of the universe are changing, which is not supposed to happen. But all of this might well be explained by this theory. We know that our universe is falling inside and therefore the speed of falling must also change. So the speed of passing of time must also change. But according to our concepts, the speed of the time is constant and everything is defined by it. Therefore many constants of the universe in which there is a unit of time and some in which there isn’t are changing.
This makes a question arise in the mind. A black hole has such an immense force that anything should be torn apart that should be influenced by it. And here is the answer. The tearing of our universe took place. It took place in the direction it was moving in. In time. Yes. The universe was torn apart on time. Some parts of it are in some place in time and the others at other places. So some part of our universe may be in the future and some in the past. Of course all the parts move in time so by the time we have reached our future, the parts which were in the future have moved further in the future and therefore we never encounter them.
All this and one question is always there. Would we be able to move in time? I don’t know. But one thing is certain. Before we build something that can overcome the extreme acceleration in time and move backward in time, we will have to build something that will be able to go in a black hole in our universe and then come back by overcoming the extreme acceleration in space.
So what about the outside of the black hole? Is there freedom to move in time there? Time might be like another dimension there and like we have three dimensions to move in, the outside of the great black hole we are all trapped in has four dimensions to move in and people there are probably discussing on γαһοο│ αηςωεГς that they might be trapped in a great black hole too outside which there is freedom to move in five dimensions.”

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