Posted by: zyxo | September 22, 2008

should we invest in photovoltaic cells ?

//en.wikipedia.Image via WikipediaNowadays green energy, CO2 emission, pollution, global warming, are on top of mind of a lot of people. And not only people, but also governments. Nowadays they are giving financial incentives to people who put solar panels on their roof.
Does this make sense ?
First of all with photovoltaic cells (PVC’s) you produce clean energy: no CO2 emission. But what about the fabrication of the equipment ? According to this source, negligible amounts of waste and pollution are produced. So that’ OK. But what about when they totally used after about 30 years? How to dispose of old PVC’s? Apparently this is still a problem to be resolved !

There is another drawback to PVC’s : they are designed to capture sun rays, so they capture the energy of the sun and keep it on earth, thus adding to global warming. Perhaps instead you should paintyour roof white or put mirrors on it, to reflect the solar energy back into space.
OK, it is all about producing energy without blasting more CO2 into the atmosphere.
Now about investing in PVC’s. Purely financially it is not a hell of an investment. You put your money into it, and it never produces enough electricity to get you your money back augmented with a decent gain (you should get more out of an investment than you put into it!). Only when the government also puts its money into it in the form of financial incentives it becomes interesting.
I is allways a better investment to avoid consuming energy ! Insulation of your house, biking, taking the train in stead of sitting alone in a car, eating fruits that are grown in your own country, etc … are much better things to do for our environment.

Is it not to soon to install PVC’s ?
A couple of days ago I read about a 12-year old boy that invented a revolutionary solar cell. OK it has still to be produced, but would it not been worth wile to wait and than put something much better on your roof ?

And not only solar energy panels and other energy producing devices are getting better, but also the energy consuming devices are using less and less energy. So why look for ways to produce more enery ? Let us rather focus on not consuming energy in stead of producing it.

And about CO2 : getting CO2 out of the atmosphere is the best thing to do : plant trees wherever you can and let them grow.

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