Posted by: zyxo | November 1, 2008

Text mining : Reading at Random

When will computors be able to read and understand simple human-language documents ?
The existing Text-mining softwares like SPSS Text mining for Clementine, SAS Text Miner, or Statistica Text Miner, go in that direction, but they still have a long way to go.
How does text mining works ? The simples approximation is the following :
I starts reading the text, but it does not understand a single word. So it is simply collecting what they call a “bag of words”.
Out of that bag the text mining applications have to extract some meaning. But that’s for another post.
Some text mining applications can use dictonaries of expressions in order to perform some semantic analysis and hence do better than simply explore a bag of words.

But for now let’s stick with this bag of words and see what it is worth.
In order to make this bag of words a bit more vivid, first take a look at the following text from Harvard business publishing.(Do not yet click the link to the original text!)
Oh yes, I took all the words, put them in a bag and wrote the text again, but now with the words in a completely random order.
So the sequence of the words does not have any meaning left. Only the words have.
Can you still figure out what this text is (was) all about ?
This gives you a idea where we stand nowadays with the simplest text mining applications.

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