Posted by: zyxo | November 8, 2008

Bringing back extinct species

Mammoth (reconstruction) at Ipswich Museum, Ip...Image via WikipediaJapanese want to clone mammoths.
Apart from the question if it is possible (or will be ?) : Is this good or bad ?

Then there is also the question of bringing back recently extinct species or prehistoric ones. Recent ones could be interesting : as they are extinct, we can assume they will not develop to pests and thus we can do something about the species diversity problem.

Prehistoric ones : It is all about bringing in a species somewhere it was not before.

We did this many times before. Examples : the starling and house sparrows in the US, the rabbits in Australia. We all know what happened : something we did not expect.

But there is one advantage with those huge prehistoric animals like mammoths : they are huge. This means we can easily spot them and kill them if they become pests. Did a huge animal ever became a pest ?

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