Posted by: zyxo | November 19, 2008

Managers are lousy leaders

Los Angeles Dodgers manager Joe Torre, then wi...Image via WikipediaVassilis N. Siakos asked a question on LinkedIn which generated 299 responses in less than an hour : “A good Manager does things right, while a good Leader does the …right things. What does it take to do the right things, right?”

Two facts struck me.
1. The huge response rate meaning that people find it extremely important what their manager does or how they manage themselves
2. The difference between leader and manager. For me, a good manager should be a good leader and vice versa. The fact that people see a big difference means that many managers should not be managing!

A part from these two facts the whole discussion is a goldmine to learn what people value in their managers. Here only and handfull of important characteristics of a good leader/manager :

  • doing the best for the people
  • integrity
  • spot opportunities and drive the team towards them
  • justice (leader) / seeking career (manager)
  • empowering people
  • give the people right feelings about their job
  • build up motivation and problem solving skills in his/her subordinates
  • be honest and do the best you can
  • have a vision of where they want the group to go
  • clear goals, clear metrics
  • create trust and support
  • put the best interests of the business in line with the best interests of the people
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