Posted by: zyxo | December 23, 2008

Is God the result of evolution?

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Very interesting, intruiging and loaded discussion about science versus religion on the blog of Daniel Florien : Science is limited by its refusal to make stuff up

In a comment of Vorjack the phrase “If something doesn’t have an effect on the world, then it doesn’t matter as far as science is concerned. So anything that effects the natural world is natural. The supernatural, if it exists, is meaningless to the discussion.” makes me question : has God an effect on the world ?

Sure he does ! Nearly every war was/is powered by religious beliefs.

Although god himself is not tangible, the concept is there. But when was he born ?

Firstly : Men allways had fear for the unknown powers.
Secondly, men organised themselves in tribes, villages cities, nations … : together they were stronger. And someone had to be in charge to keep the community together.
The one in charge deserved respect (or fear) (otherwise he could not stay in charge), which was somehow correlated with the size of the community.

For a long time the two coëxisted : 1) natural forces, like sun or lightning who were seen as the gods, and 2) the human chief, king, emperor.
Until the roman emperor decided he was god also and had to be respected accordingly.
But although this was a bit over the top, the click in the minds was made : the natural forces were not the gods, and neither the human emperors were god, but the god was something like a human, someone who was not afraid of the natural forces, who even was in control of those scary natural forces, so much powerful than men.

So the intangible, supernatural god was born, evolved from the natural ones.
And even if he only exists as a bunch of memes in some human heads, memes evolve too.

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  1. Thanks for the link — glad you’re enjoying the discussion. I am lucky to have some really smart readers!

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