Posted by: zyxo | December 28, 2008

Web 5.0 : the telepathic web

The human brain
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Web 2.0 is still going on and a long way before being replaced by Web 3.0
Web 3.0 : everyone is still talking about, nothing much happens yet. Still some years before we will see something decent, another 5 years of maturing before the next release will be on the study desk :
Web 4.0 is stil a great question mark, but something will show up. It will take time, but by then we will be the year 2020. Say 2030 before we will have a mature web 4.0.
Remember that people still need the time to early adopt, become mainstream with the first applications and than to get ready for the next upgrade.
And in the meantime : brain implants, helmets … to read/write directly into your brain will get better and better, smaller and smaller, cheaper and cheaper.
And remember : any electronical device that can read your brain can be connected to a wireles modem to connect you to the internet … to connect you to anyone ore anything you like : your wife, your facebook friends, wikipedia, your radio- or TV station, your coffee machine…
ThinK of chatting online just by thinking to one another.
Think of recording your dreams and watch them the morning after or sharing them, say on youtube …
Think of calling your dog which is three miles away …

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