Posted by: zyxo | January 6, 2009

Some problems introducing web 2.0

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There is a lot written about the benefits of web 2.0 inside the enterprise but for this post I looked up some problems.

The first one is IT, and more specifically : security. They tend to build as many walls as possible to keep hackers, viruses and other malicious softwares outside. The problem is that they forget that nobody can get out any more !
I often tend to say that it is easier to stay informed about what happens in the outside world that what happens in my own department (we do not have anything web 2.0-alike !)

Second problem : If IT does not do it, the end users will do it themselves creating security problems.

Problem 3 : a lot of people believe enterprise 2.0 is critical to success, but also don’t really know what it is. A bit like pornography: they’ll pay too much, get over-excited after tiny results, but soon regret it (John Bordeaux)

Often people think it is about tools ! but it is not ! You have to solve a problem, instead of introducing tools.

Problem 4 : How to get people participating ? One of the difficulties about social software is to get people to use it. Bizar, since it is made for them. The internet is full of web 2.0 people (facebook, twitter, anything) but when you start something like that in the enterprise you have the hardest time to get people involved … unless you clearly create benefits for them. It must not be something they have to do besides their job, it has to ease their job !

And last but not least : hierarchy ! The bosses are afraid to loose their grip on the situation

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  1. All valid points, but my thinking on this (having been in digital marketing for 10 years) is that all of these barriers have to be changing.

    Web 2.0 has come about by the desire of the masses to succeed where the minority have been the barriers.

    I guess it’s not the same in all companies, and that others will emerge sooner and stronger as a result early adoption, but IT teams have to take notice of open source, business leaders must embrace social behind the firewall, and the latest software not only bears the fact that users already have their own profiles set up outside the firewall but also that costs must depend on usage.

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