Posted by: zyxo | January 21, 2009

Information overload, filters and Web 3.0

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In Snippets, John Tropea quotes Clay Shirky who argues that the much discussed information overload does not exist. Normally filters take care of that. According to Clay, people who complain about information overload (are old and) do not use the available filters (like Digg, or google reader) or not properly.

I will not argue against his point of view, but I believe that the filters have to be much easier to set up. I expect this to happen with Web 3.0, the so-called semantic web. With a public profile, when you open your browser you will just have to ask for news, and the semantic web will filter it for you. No setup to do any more, exept perhaps at the beginning, where you will have to indicate what you want to see and what not. And that also will be limited, because clever data mining models will soon guess your overall profile and give you anything you normally should like. All this news will of cause properly be hierachised.
According to what you read and skip, your profile will continuously kept up to date.

Would that not be nice ?

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  1. It sounds like you’re talking about a combination of semantic web and sophisticated personalization. I agree with your analysis that due to information overload, this is an important and promising direction. (Semantics + personalization is the approach we take at Jinni to the movie/TV world.)

  2. […] Information overload, filters and Web 3.0 ( […]

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