Posted by: zyxo | January 25, 2009

Alphainventions Analysed

In september of previous year a new phenomenon has entered the blogworld : Alphainventions, a website made by Cheru Jackson.

What is it ?
It is comparable to twitterfall : Alphainventions continuously shows blogs. You can let them come and go, or you can pause them. But how does Alphainventions decide which blogs to show ?
There are two very distinct functionalities intermixed

  1. show new or updated blog posts
  2. new blogs are added to the reading cycle so that they show up in Alphainventions. That is why people were surprised suddenly to see traffic to their blogs coming from alphainventions.

  3. blog promotion (for free)
  4. On Alphainventions you have also the opportunity of entering your blog url into the reading cycle, taking the place of another blog that is kicked out.

I think this mixing of two different functionalities definitely is no good thing.

What should it be ?

The alphainventions fellow should clearly separate the two : He should make on the one hand something like a “blogfall” (waterfall of blogs) that only shows the new blog posts and on the other hand a blogpromotion site.
For the blogfall, visitors should have the opportunity to choose between two view modes : 1)seeing the blogs themselves, as now is the case or 2)just see a list of blog names plus the titles of the figuring post so that you have to click on an item to see the blog post (preferable in a new window.
For both sites there should definitely be a selection algorithm where you can enter your selection criteria, your topics you want to see blogs from.

In any case Alphainventions is an interesting idea. But there is much room left for evolution, certainly much more than the few suggestions I made here.

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