Posted by: zyxo | February 2, 2009

Science-fiction gadgets are near

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Science is evolving fast. I suppose you knew that already.
So what are the science-fiction devices that probably will become reality in the next 30 years, that means in your and my lives.

  1. X-ray glasses to look trough solid walls
  2. invisibility cloacks
  3. handsfree healing, like Dr Bones in Star Trek
  4. spiderman-gloves to climb walls
  5. free power : your movements produce the power for your cellphone and other gadgets
  6. jet packs/rocket belts
  7. private space-ships
  8. Breathe underwater by an artificial gill
  9. universal interpreter (like the babel fish from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  10. Smell-o-vision : TV’s that produce smells

Any other original suggestions ?

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