Posted by: zyxo | February 11, 2009

Human brain copy protection by “AnyMind Inc.”

Human brain - please add comment and fav this ...
Image by Gaetan Lee via Flickr

Copying human minds : possibilities, consequences and regulations.

A discussion on lead me to the following musings.

When it will be possible to copy the human mind into a clone, cyborg or whatever will be capable of functioning with it, a lot of questions will have to be answered :

  • who will have read-write-modify-delete access ?
  • Who will have the right to make a copy of your mind ?
  • What about illegal copies ?
  • Will it be possible to install a copy protection in your child’s brain at birth?
  • Will a copy be as valuable as the original human being ?
  • Will it be allowed to delete the copy after it has done what had to be done?
  • Will a “MindMarket” come into existence, where you can buy your preferred mind to put into your robot-cyborg-human_clone ?
  • Would you sell copies of your mind to people who like it ?
  • Would you sell copies of your body to people who like it (this is a huge erotica market !)
  • Will you have to buy the body and the mind separately or will some Microsoft-like multinational (AnyMind Inc. ?) dominate the market have minds pre-installed everywhere ?

I am sure you can add a lot more questions and possibilities.

Oh yes, if you want to know how it can be done: here is the roadmap to xerox a brain.

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  1. Alright this is what needs to happen.

    When you are 40 to 50 years old… You clone yourself and grow the body.
    When the body is 20 years old approximately, you transfer your brain (copy) it into the clone body which has been kept growing for 20 years old and the brain should be empty. The Musces in the clone could be electrically stimulated during the growing period to make sure everything is in good shape.
    Of course the problem would be how to make the copy.
    When the transfer is completed and the clone lives and wakes up….it should be you with all the past experiences…the original would be put into cold storage (or something similar) and kept asleep and saved in case of problems with the copy.
    The original should be kept. Its not good to copy from a copy. When the 20 year old wakes up a new day would begin and youth won’t be wasted on the young so to speak. I would love to do this now…please..haha If only it were possible. I am approaching 50 and I ahve had good health but am feeling my aches and pains. Please contact me if you perfect this. I would love to be your guinea pig.

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