Posted by: zyxo | February 24, 2009

Job interview or brain scan ?

PET scan of a normal 20-year-old brain.
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Erasmus University researcher Willem Verbeke of Erasmus University at Rotterdam says that in 5 years job interviews will be replaced by brain scans !
Perhaps the science will be ready, but not the legislation, since it is still not allowed under Dutch privacy laws to demand brain scans as part of job applications. The reason : brain scan is seen as a medical examination.

But why all this fuss for a job interview ? Much more interesting is that I will want a brain scan from my girlfriend, from my future son-in-law, my lawyer, my doctor.
I will want to see comparative studies of the brain scans of politicians running for president or prime minister.
I will want to see a brain scan from my future boss when I apply for a new job (yes, I reverse the roles !).
I will want to see a brain scan from not only my banker around the corner, but from the whole board of directors of the bank.

So much possibilities.
So let them quickly change the laws !

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