Posted by: zyxo | March 2, 2009

Text, slides or youtube ?

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What do you prefer ?

I do not like Youtube videos .

In the old ages there were the stone tablets, then the percament, than the paper, then the movie tapes and then the Digital media.
OK, I am very superficial but what I want to say is that these days, when I click a promising hyperlinklink and it appears to be a youtube video I a already gone to the next promising hyperlink.

Why ?
Youtube videos are too time-consuming.

I do not want to invest the time to watch the video at the speed of the video waiting to see & hear enough to decide if it is worth my time.

Text is the best.

A simple text, well structured, preferably with some illustrating pictures is the best ! I “scan the text (mostly the title(s)) and within a handful of seconds I decide whether to go on reading or to abandone. This is extremely efficient .

What about slideshare ?

I find slides are the next best thing, because they allow you to advance at your own speed. Unfortunately on slideshare you see only one slide at the time. They should provide the option to view, say, six slides on one screen, so that you can pick the interesting ones, or advance more quickly through them.

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