Posted by: zyxo | March 20, 2009

The chicken or the egg ?

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What was first ? The chicken or the egg ?
It is an often heard question. The answer instead is never told.

Well, for a change : here is the answer.

First was … the egg.

But … did you not need a chicken first to lay the egg ?
The anwer is : NO !

Before the birds were the reptiles, before the reptiles were other animal species etc. And that way we can go back to the monocellular organisms.
The monocellulars, you know, those living things that consisted of only one single cell. They reproduced simply by splitting themselves in two new cells.
It was simple.
But, perhaps because it was a bit more efficiënt, those simple cells became a bit more complex, a bit more efficient to gather food, to stay alive, to duplicate. And so gradually, in stead of simply splitting in two, they built incredible complicated structures (for example a chicken) to build THE new cell : the egg.
(If you did not new : a chicken egg is one single huge cell).

So if I put it a bit awkwardly : a chicken is the means by wich an egg reproduces itself. (oh yes, there is also the rooster, which complicates the whole story even more).

But long before the chicken there was already the egg, the one that did not needed a chicken to reproduce.

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